Syvota or else Mourtos is a coastal village, which can offer to the visitor very special moments. On ottoman domination the village was named "Mourtos", but in 1959 the place took the name Syvotafrom the naval battle of Syvota, taken place in 433BC. Syvota, with Plataria, Fascomilia, Scorpina, Argyrotopos and Palyneri, form the Municipality of Syvota and Base its is Plataria.

It is connected by ferry to the island of Paxos. Yachts and boats carry visitors to Perdika and along Parga, which with Syvota constitute a natural entity of rare beauty with small bays and coves hidden by green hills.

The green landscape, embraced by the blue of the sea in small creeks, is suitable for family escapes and at the same time constitutes one of the most romantic paces for those in love! Two great beaches Mikri and Mega Ammos offer their crystal clear waters the hot summer days, whilst night life promises a lot covering every singha taste! This idyllic picture follows the island of Agios Nicolaos and Mauro Oros which surround the village. The important thing for those setting their travel from the city of Ioannina is the convenient route via Egnatia Odos, covering approximately (1) one hour.



  • Mega Ammos
  • Zavia
  • Pisina
  • Agia Parakseuh
  • Dei
  • Zeri
  • Bella Vraka
  • Gallikos
  • Mega Trafos
  • Karvouno

Mega Ammos – Mikrh Ammos

It constitutes the biggest beach in the area. Mega Ammos is located towards Perdika, 1,5Km from Syvota. It is organized with its green waters usually cool. The beach is pebbly and there are some shops nearly too.

Next to Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos is located with the same characteristics.

Bella Vraka

Many have characterized this beach as magic and one of those you have to visit! It is located on the island Mourtemeno, but there is no inconvenience, once one can cross the sea on foot.

The water reaches the knee and during the summer months the water level is just below, it must be noted that you can not find something to eat. Pretty quiet beach, offers opportunities for diving. Its turquoise waters invite visitors for diving. The beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas.


Zavia is located outside the settlement ,towards Perdika. It's an organised beach with bar and its waters are cool. From this area one can easily ent a boat.


This beach is near the village of Syvota, Its waters are warm and the sand is rich. There is a shop nearly where one can enjoy his coffee and have a bite to eat.


Another one small sheltered bay with shallow crystal clean waters, it is crowned by dense vegetation, while the businesses on the beach meet the expectation of the most imaginative visitor. It is located northwest of Syvota near the read leading to Igouminitsa. Zeri provides water slides for the young and older.


It is located on the Agios Nikolaos Island. The access is possible by boat only. The waters are quite cool, something which will be quite unmemorable to you!

Mega Trafos

Leaving Mikri Ammos towards Perdika, you will meet the beach of Mega Trafos. The car must be left along the road. The beach has both sand and pebbles.

Agia Paraskevi

It is After Mega Trafos and belongs to Perdika. The sea is warm. There is a small island too, which is quite close to the beach.


A quiet, pebbled beach. The waters are warm and you can enjoy the view of the Agios Nikolaos island.


This beach is located in a quiet, green bay, very close to the city centre and the picturesque port of Syvota. The landscape combines the blue sea with the rich green nature of the Ioanian Sea

Near Destinations

You can visit:

  • The nearby picturesque villages of Perdika and Plataria as well as the cosmopolitan Parga with the famous castle, the beaches and the great nightlife.
  • The watersources of Acheronta, where you can enjoy various activities, such as rafting, kayak etc.
  • The prehistoric Acropolis of Brachanas and the sights of Paramythia.
  • The Tsamanta museum and the famous Foinikis museum.

Little more distant routes:

  • The ancient Nikopolis, near the city of Preveza.
  • The Nekromanteion, one of the most important clairvoyances of antiquity and Zaloggo.
  • Paxoi and antipaxoi islands, Corfu and Lefkada.
  • The city of Ioannina, the capital city of Epirus, with the picturesque island in the lake Pamvotis, the Castle and the Wax museum of Perama.

Local Products

In Syvota one can taste the local olive oil, famous for its quality, since it is pure without any kind of mixing with other products and substances. Furthermore, you can taste olives, which during winter are collected by the local residents of the area. In the mountains, one can find sage, honey, chamomile, that have therapeutic powers. In the municipality one can also find genuine Raki and wine, produced with traditional way from local grapes. In all restaurants a great variety of fresh fish is available, too.



Contact information

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